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What happens in case of bad weather?
Where can I stay?
Below we recommend some accommodation facilities from which Tones Teatro Natura can be easily reached.


Hotel Eurossola, Domodossola. Distance: 8km

Hotel Belvedere, Mozzio. Distance: 9km

Hotel Edelweiss, Mozzio. Distance: 9km



NicoMat rooms, Domodossola. Distance: 8km

Casa Brencio, Masera. Distance: 8km

B&b La Madonnina, Mozzio. Distance: 9km

B&b Terrarara, Viceno. Distance: 10 km

The Tones on the Stones Foundation operates in full compliance with the health protocols in force and respecting the anti-contagion requirements inherent in the spaces dedicated to outdoor live performances.
People with disabilities
Tones Teatro Natura is organized to welcome the disabled and provide a location with excellent visibility for the event. The procedure requires that the person purchases the ticket and signals it to the number +39 333 5074077 so that the assistance service can be activated. There is a free entrance for the accompanying person.
Tones Teatro Natura is a space that observes rules of behavior in favor of strong environmental sustainability. Check out our dedicated page.
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Local Tickets Sales Points
Starting from May 1st for some shows there will be local sales points that will be communicated on our website and through our social channels.
Do kids pay?
Under twelve years of age, admission to the shows is free, however, it is necessary to reserve a seat through the pre-sale system.
Reduced Price Tickets
Those over 65 and young people who have still not turned 25 are entitled to a reduced ticket.
In case of cancellation or postponement of a show date, the ticket can be refunded. It will not be possible to request a refund for other reasons deriving from the customer’s inability to attend the event.
Bar Service
During the shows there is a bar service. At Tones Teatro natura you will find a water dispenser so you can come with your water bottle. For some large events you will also find a food service on site.


Useful information for spectators of the shows by Tones on The Stones at Tones Teatro Natura.

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

1. Introduction

The purchase of the tickets requires full knowledge and full acceptance of these regulations.

Failure to comply with each of the indications contained in this regulation may result in the non-admission or removal of the ticket holder from Tones Teatro Natura, without subsequent right to reimbursement.

Tones on The Stones Foundation reserves the right to make changes to the announced schedule in date, time, program, set-up and / or cast that may be necessary to comply with any new provisions of the Public Authorities relating to the current health emergency. Such changes do not justify ticket cancellation / refund requests.

In the event of any changes, the Foundation will do its utmost to inform buyers. However, it is the spectator’s responsibility to keep himself informed about possible changes by periodically consulting the official website

The spectator undertakes to comply with any health regulations relating to the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 that will be in force at the time of use of the show, which will be appropriately highlighted on the website and in the Theater. .

Upon purchasing the ticket, the holder, as part of the public, agrees and authorizes the audio video footage and any related present and future use by the Foundation during the performance of the show without the right to any indemnity.

2. Contractual conditions of sale

2.1. Object

These general terms and conditions govern the sale of Tickets (defined below) for show and / or cultural entertainment events, carried out by the Tones on The Stones, Ticketmaster or Dice.

2.2. Definitions

The following definitions apply to these general terms and conditions, it being understood that the definitions in the plural will apply to the relative term in the singular and vice versa:

  • Tickemaster Italia srl ​​- Milan, Via Pietrasanta 14 – VAT number 09584690961 – REA MI 2100017 or more briefly ‘Ticketmaster’: it is the person in charge of selling tickets for some shows presented by the Tones on The Stones Foundation.
  • Client: is the person who purchases entrance tickets for the shows organized by the Tones on The Stones Foundation.
  • Contract: is the agreement established between the Customer and the Tones on The Stones Foundation, and to the extent of its competence, with Ticketmaster, with reference to a specific purchase of Admission Tickets, to be understood as governed by these General Contract Conditions
  • Ticket Holder: is the person who legitimately holds an Entrance Ticket purchased by the Customer in compliance with these General Contract Conditions.
  • Event: it is the event, show or representation to which the Admission Ticket refers.
  • Tones on The Stones Foundation or more briefly Foundation: it is the person who organizes the Event with regard to which the relevant Admission Pass has been issued.
  • Admission Pass: it is the document, also in digital format, issued by the Foundation or by Ticketmaster that legitimizes the Holder of the Admission Pass to access the Event Venue.
  • Place of the Event: it is the set of buildings and land that constitute the places where a specific Event takes place.

Tickets for the Foundation’s shows are on sale exclusively through authorized official channels:

  • Online, on the Ticketmaster website
  • Ticket offices of the Tones on The Stones Foundation in the Tones Natura Theater
  • Authorized Sales Points (complete list below)

4. Tickets

All those who intend to enter the event venue must have a valid entrance ticket. The rules applicable to the Customer apply to them.

The personal data registration is mandatory and necessary before proceeding with the purchase (name / surname, address, e-mail, telephone number, date of birth) and must be done only once.

All tickets are in the name of the buyer, following the registry registration.

The Entrance Ticket cannot be sold by the Customer for consideration nor can it be the subject of intermediation without prior agreement with the Tones on The Stones Foundation in accordance with the current provisions of the law.

The resale of tickets by unauthorized persons is prohibited.

The Admission Ticket must be purchased through the official channels of the Foundation. In the event that the Admission Pass has been purchased by the Customer from subjects other than those indicated above or if the Admission Pass has been lost, stolen, duplicated or obtained in contrast with these general terms and conditions, the Entrance may not be authorized by the Foundation to access the Event Venue or may be forced to abandon it.

Tickets cannot be resold at a price higher than that indicated on the ticket for profit and, in particular, in violation of the provisions of paragraphs 545 and 546 of art. 1 of Law 232/2016 and related implementing legislation on the sale of tickets on the secondary market (so-called secondary ticketing); the Foundation reserves the right to report any relevant facts to the competent Authorities.

The Foundation declines any responsibility that may derive from the characteristics, quality and prices of tickets illegally purchased through unauthorized sales channels. In the event that it is ascertained that the ticket or pass has been purchased by unauthorized persons or through unauthorized channels or if the ticket or pass has been duplicated or obtained in conflict with these Regulations, access will not be authorized.

4.1. Price of Admission Tickets and service fees

The prices indicated on the Admission Tickets and published on the programs of the Tones on The Stones Foundation are official sales prices, inclusive of the relative taxes and duties and of commissions and / or pre-sale rights.

The Foundation has the right to establish a maximum limit of admission tickets that can be purchased per person for each show.

All the places to be assigned will be numbered and all the references will be shown on the Admission Ticket.

Tickets cannot be duplicated and are valid only for the date and time indicated on them (unless otherwise indicated on the ticket itself and relating to any recovery on another date in the event of cancellation due to bad weather).

Tickets purchased cannot be changed, refunded or returned except in the event of cancellation due to bad weather (according to the procedures in point 6) or in the event that specific laws and government regulations are enacted. In the case of shows for which there is the possibility of recovery on another date (explicitly indicated on the ticket) in the event of cancellation due to bad weather, the refund will be due only and exclusively in the event that the second recovery evening is also canceled due to bad weather (according to the procedures in point 6). The Viewer accepts without reservation and from now on any future regulations or regulations issued by the competent authorities that may prohibit monetary reimbursement in favor of reimbursement by issuing vouchers to be reused on another date.

In the event of non-use due to personal impediments, the Foundation will not reimburse the price of the Admission Tickets or any service fees.

Fondazione Tones on The Stones reserves the right, for organizational or safety reasons, to modify the assigned seats, relocating them in the same sector or in another sector of a higher category with similar visibility and acoustic conditions and this at the sole and unilateral judgment of the Foundation. Tones on The Stones (issuer of the Admission Tickets), as of now accepted by the Spectator who in any case will not be affected by any variation. In the event that seats of the same or higher category are not available and it is necessary to relocate to a sector of a lower category, the price difference compared to the original ticket will be refunded.

Tickets at reduced rates will be valid only if accompanied by an identity document or other document proving the right to the reduction. In the event that the holder of the Admission Pass does not have this document with him, he will be required to pay the full price with integration of the amount not yet paid.

Tickets and entrance cards must be kept for the duration of the show and shown to the Hall Staff upon request, for any checks.

It is mandatory to occupy only the assigned seat and to maintain a correct and respectful behavior of the other spectators during the performance of the show.

Spectators without an entrance ticket will be accompanied outside the theater.

Ticketmaster or the Foundation have the right to cancel an Admission Ticket, even if it has already been issued, at any time, where problems arise with regard to the actual payment by the Customer of the Admission Tickets purchased.

4.2. Loss or theft of the admission ticket

In case of loss or theft of the Admission Ticket, the buyer must complete and deliver at the Theater Box Office, no later than 2 hours before the start of the show, a self-certification of loss or theft of the Admission Ticket, together with to a copy of your identity document.

The ticket office will do everything possible to allow the customer access to the room.

4.3. Prohibitions

Tickets cannot be used for political, commercial, advertising or other promotional reasons (such as, for example, prizes in competitions) except in the case of prior written authorization from the Foundation.

5. Public with disabilities

People with disabilities will be entitled to a seat for themselves, upon payment of a full ticket, and for their adult companion, who will be entitled to a free admission ticket, in the reserved area in the stalls in accordance with the regulations in force. of available places. The reservation request for the aforementioned Admission Tickets is only possible by contacting the assistance service of the Tones on The Stones Foundation which responds to the email address indicating:

Name and surname of the person with disabilities;

Indication of the date you want to attend and telephone number;

The type of disability (In the case of motor deficit it is necessary to specify whether the disabled spectator uses a wheelchair or other walking aids so as to allow ticket office operators to assign the most suitable seat);

The consent to the processing of sensitive personal data expressed by signing the following declaration: “I authorize the processing of my personal and sensitive data, present in the ticket booking request for the entry of disabled people to the aforementioned event pursuant to Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003 “Code regarding the protection of personal data” and the GDPR “

The sending of the booking request, if not confirmed by the Organizer, does not give the right to participate in the event.

In the case of motor deficit it is necessary to specify whether the disabled spectator uses a wheelchair or other walking aids so as to allow the ticket office operators to assign the most suitable seat.

To verify the existence of any architectural barriers that prevent wheelchair access to the stalls.

6. Cancellation / suspension in case of bad weather 

Depending on the type of show, if the risk of rain is high, Tones on the Stones can reschedule a show.

Since these are outdoor shows, the risk of bad weather cannot be excluded and is therefore to be considered accepted by the spectator. In case of bad weather (rain, wind, hail and similar atmospheric events that make the performance of the show impossible) the show is never canceled before the scheduled start time.

If the weather conditions do not allow the regular performance of the show, the Tones on The Stones Foundation may postpone the start time of the performance by up to 60 minutes before announcing the eventual cancellation of the show.

In case of suspension of the show after it has started, any right to a refund of the ticket will be void.

In case of definitive suspension of the show before the end of the first act, spectators will have the right to purchase a ticket, of the same category as the ticket purchased, with a reduction of about 50% on the full price for another performance of the current season or of the season of the following year.

In the event of adverse weather conditions before the opening of the gates of the Tones Natura Theater and in the event that the weather forecast does not foresee an improvement of these conditions during the evening, or in the event that the cancellation of the show is reasonably foreseeable , the Foundation, in agreement with the Police Officer present on site, may decide to delay (and subsequently cancel) the opening of the Theater for reasons of public safety.

For further clarity, the dates of recovery or refund in case of cancellation will be shown for each event.

6.1. Refund procedure for tickets for the Tones Natura Theater shows in case of bad weather

An evening of show at Tones Teatro Natura is a unique experience, whose magic is constituted by the extraordinary nature of the place that every summer is transformed into the most fascinating open-air theater in Italy and by the fact that the imposing scenographies are set against the sky. , often serene and starry but sometimes also covered and threatening.

Our work consists in creating great shows, in which many workers are involved.

This undertaking is sometimes made difficult or even impossible by atmospheric events.

Depending on the type of show, if the risk of rain is high, the Tones on the Stones Foundation can re-schedule a show. In the event of sudden bad weather, the show is never canceled before the scheduled start time. Our intent is to do everything possible to stage the show to the satisfaction of the spectators.

If the weather conditions do not allow the regular performance of the shows, the Tones on the Stones Foundation may postpone the start time of the performance, before announcing any cancellation. In fact, a few drops of rain are enough to damage the musical instruments used, often of considerable value. For this reason the show can be temporarily suspended even several times.

In the event of uncertain weather conditions, we also provide real-time information and updates on our social channels.

In the event that the show is canceled before it starts, the tickets will be fully refunded.

In case of definitive suspension of the show after it has started, any right to a refund of the ticket will be void.

In case of definitive suspension of the show before the end of the musical act, you will be entitled to purchase a ticket, of the same category, with a reduction of about 50% on the full price for another Tones Teatro Natura event in progress or of the next year.

These measures are intended to protect the rights of the public without compromising the economic sustainability of Tones Teatro Natura; in fact, even when the show is canceled or partially staged, the Tones on the Stones Foundation must in any case bear the set-up costs.

For further clarity, the dates of recovery or refund in case of cancellation will be shown for each event.

Refunds in case of bad weather can be requested by completing the online form at the following address within 15 days following the date of cancellation of the show: which will be activated the morning following the cancellation.

In any case, only the nominal sale price indicated on the Admission Pass will be reimbursed for redemption requests submitted within the terms indicated above. Requests for reimbursement of admission tickets for performances canceled even after the above deadlines will be accepted, provided they are received by the Tones on The Stones Foundation no later than 31 October of the year in which the show is held. In this case, Fondazione Tones on The Stones will refund the price of the Admission Pass net of the taxes and rights that have affected the Admission Passes.

7. Access to Tones Teatro Natura and rules of conduct

  • Access to the seat is prohibited after the show has begun.
  • Spectators arriving late, or who leave their seats during the performance, will be invited to wait until the first useful interval to be able to occupy the assigned seats;
  • The spectator who, in the event of a check, is found to occupy a place other than that indicated on his / her ticket will be required to pay the difference in price or may be removed from the theater;
  • Entry with a reduced ticket is subject to the presentation of a document certifying the right to the reduction;
  • Access to children under the age of four is not permitted;
  • Access to children under 16 is not permitted unless accompanied by an adult.

7.1. Entrances

The entrance area is indicated on the Entrance Ticket, but it may be subject to changes even at the last moment. The on-site indications above each entrance area will prevail.

Before entering the Theater area, the spectator must undergo the security checks of the Staff assigned to the Hall Service using fixed arched and / or portable metal detectors or summary visual checks (art. 5 lett. C of the Ministerial Decree 06/10/2009) carried out at the prefiltration gates. The staff is also authorized to request inspections and not to allow entry with prohibited objects inside the Theater.

7.2. Clothing

The public is invited to choose clothing appropriate to the decor of the Theater, respecting the Theater itself and the other spectators.

7.3. The Tones on The Stones Foundation may refuse entry to those who:

  • are in an evident state of alteration (it is forbidden to enter and remain in a state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs);
  • exhibit aggressive behavior;
  • do not have clothing suitable for the decor of the theater;
  • do not allow bags and backpacks to be checked at the request of security personnel.

7.4. Security checks and restrictions

For safety reasons, the Staff assigned to the Room Service will be able to carry out summary visual checks at the entrances (art. 5 lett. C of the Ministerial Decree 06/10/2009). The staff is also authorized to request inspections and not to allow entry with prohibited objects inside the Theater. Custody is not guaranteed.

7.5. Inside the Tones Natura Theater, included in the external wall, it is forbidden to introduce:

  • suitcases, trolleys, bags, backpacks, bags or other bulky containers
  • weapons, explosive material, pyrotechnic devices, smoke bombs, signal flares, stones, knives or other pointed or cutting objects;
  • bicycles, skateboards, roller skates and hoverboards;
  • remote controlled drones and airplanes;
  • video cameras, professional and semi-professional cameras, tripods, musical instruments;
  • narcotic substances, poisons, harmful substances and flammable material;
  • plastic bottles larger than 0.5 liters and any other glass or plastic bottle, container or object and any other blunt object that may cause harm to oneself or others (eg motorcycle helmets);
  • food or drinks;
  • animals, with the exception of registered guide dogs.

7.6. Inside the Theater, it is also forbidden:

  • Smoking in the entire area of ​​the Theater, including the use of electronic cigarettes, in the event of a show with assigned seating;
  • damage or tamper with structures, infrastructures and services in any way;
  • climb balustrades, parapets, partitions and other structures not intended for the permanence of the public;
  • it is forbidden to park near passages, access and exit routes, exits and entrances, stairs and any other escape route;
  • photograph the show with or without flash and carry out any type of audio / video recording without authorization, even with a mobile phone;
  • use selfie sticks;
  • use electronic devices such as “GoPro”, tablets or others capable of recording and transmitting, digitally or on any other medium, audio, video and audio-video material, collect information or data relating to the show;
  • use laser pointers;
  • display signs, banners, weather vanes, documents, drawings, printed material and banners containing propaganda to political, ideological or religious doctrines, statements or concepts that incite racial, ethnic or religious hatred, which may hinder the regular performance of the show or visibility of the other spectators;
  • abandoning objects or materials leaving them unattended and that may prevent escape routes or cause alarms;
  • engage in aggressive acts.

7.7. Other rules of conduct:

Drinks are only allowed inside the Theater;

Mobile phones must be deactivated before the start of the show;

In the event of an emergency, the public is asked to remain calm, line up for the emergency exits and follow the instructions of the service personnel and the acoustic messages.

7.8. Communications on the place of the event

For direct service communications to all the public present in the Theater or in case of bad weather and / or for the management of any emergencies, the Foundation will broadcast acoustic messages via an audio broadcasting system.

7.9. Other safety information or any other limitations:

inside the Theater it is always allowed to introduce collapsible or small umbrellas, it is also allowed to introduce long umbrellas without sharp points and of shapes and / or materials that could endanger the safety of the event and of the spectators. The assessment of the dangerousness of these objects is left to the unquestionable discretion of the staff in charge of access control;

inside the Theater, the introduction by the public and the marketing of beverages only by authorized personnel is allowed only if in 0.5 liter plastic bottles or after pouring into light plastic or paper cups.

during the operas, for reasons related to the direction of the shows, special effects with execution of open flames, pyrotechnic effects, etc .; can be performed on the stage and backstage area; such effects must always be authorized in advance by the bodies responsible for the public safety of the event which may prescribe the obligation for the organizer to inform the public through the dissemination of audio messages before the start of the show.

8. Services

Inside the amphitheater there is a bar service and merchandising sales. There is no cloakroom service. 

8.1 Lost / Found Items

The objects found can be delivered directly to the staff assigned to the room service.

Unclaimed items by the end of the show will be delivered to the registered office of the Tones on The Stones Foundation in Via Repubblica 7, 28923, Verbania, VCO, Italy. To search for lost items write to

9. Privacy regulations

Fondazione Tones on The Stones ensures full compliance with the legislation on the protection of privacy (EU Reg. 2016/679, Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments) for all personal data acquired in relations with the public (eg. : issuing of tickets, management of some forms of payment).

All information relating to the processing of spectators’ personal data is available on the website in the section dedicated to privacy:

For any further information in question, you can contact the email address The Data Protection Officer (RPD / DPO) appointed by the Foundation is available at the contact

10. Jurisdiction

Even in the event that any of the rules referred to in these general terms and conditions are inapplicable, the others will continue to have full effect.

The Contract is subject to Italian law. The Court of Verbania will be deemed competent to decide any and all controversy arising or in any case connected with the Contract and these General Contract Conditions.