Tones Teatro Natura is the new great project by Tones on the Stones, born in 2020, in full lockdown, which through an environmental redevelopment process has begun to transform the former industrial site of Cava Roncino into a permanent theater surrounded by nature.

In a historical moment that revealed all the fragility of the urban system and while all the theaters in the world have been closed for over a year, building a Theater in Nature seemed an extremely motivating challenge as well as representing an opportunity for relaunching a territory of great beauty with a strong tourist vocation.

Today, after only two years, Tones Teatro Natura is in full construction of the infrastructures that from July 2022 will be able to accommodate small and large shows thanks to two stages and a series of ancillary functions such as a ticket office, a refreshment area, a bar area and reception services.

The former Cava di Gneiss is located in Oira, a small hamlet in the municipality of Crevoladossola, among woods, terraced vineyards and ancient stone villages of the Ossola Valley. The surrounding landscape highlights how much the history of the area is deeply linked to the extraction of stone, to its processing evident in its wide use in rural architecture. A historical, economic and cultural heritage that Tones on the Stones has always tried to tell and enhance.

The conversion of the industrial space into a Place of Culture is designed above all in favor of the new generations, with the aim of being an open gate to the world and to encourage the exchange of inclusive and courageous ideas, projects and visions. Tones Teatro Natura is above all a project, rich in values ​​and contents that some friends wanted to help us present through a Manifesto.


The project is configured as a site-specific intervention capable of enhancing the landscape context through a modular and flexible compositional strategy for different ways of use. The functional layout of the entire project is set on the geometric lines defined by the quarry, following the morphology of the landscape.

The work dialogues with the natural context and with the history of the place, allowing a narrative continuity that draws its roots from the past, handing down to future generations the possibility of continuing to live these spaces, contributing to their transformation.

The architectural strategy is based on three fundamental principles: modularity – transparency – flexibility. These three aspects determine an approach in constant dialogue with the surrounding nature and with future users who will be able to shape the space according to their needs. The construction process involves a stratification of three main components: steel structures, modular cladding panels of local stones and prefabricated volumes.

The area prepared for the events manifests the distinctive features of the architectural typology of the theater, prefiguring a symmetrical compositional structure, despite the irregularities presented by the walls of the quarry. The project develops around a central void on which, on the long sides of the quarry, the structures that will house the ancillary activities stand.


We are making Tones Teatro Natura
with the support and contribution of:

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Write to fondazione@tonesonthestones.com



Thanks to the contribution of the Rotary Club Pallanza Stresa and Verbano Cusio Ossola, at Tones Teatro Natura you will find a drinkable water fountain.

Come to the theater with your water bottle, or you can buy it at the cash desk. In fact, at the bar, we do not sell bottles and other disposable plastic materials.


We are promoting the constitution of a group of volunteers and managers of environmental education and storytelling towards the public and the environmental “estate” of the Theater, they will be curators of the site and testimonials of all the cultural, social and environmental values ​​that the space promotes and disseminates . The Green Sentinels will be able to tell the public how the theater was born and what are the “rules of conduct” for living in it and taking advantage of the opportunities.

Would you like to become a Green Sentinel? Email us at info@tonesonthestones.com


We love nature, the Earth, people. This is why we have chosen to have a sustainability policy and sustainable management.

Since 2020 we are certified UNI EN ISO 20121: 2013 – sustainable events

We are committed: do you want to do it too?

By following these 7 simple tips of behavior you will help us all to make events more sustainable and to improve, at least a little, the life of the Planet.

Move sustainably
to reach us use public transport and our shuttles
If you have to use the car, use the various sharing systems or share the trip with your friends. We do it too: did you know that the first criterion we apply to choose suppliers is proximity? In this way we support the local economy and reduce harmful emissions.

Make a difference
Inside Tones Teatro Natura you will find containers for separate waste collection. For our part, in addition to recycling, we apply various practices to reduce waste – for example we reuse materials and fittings, we weigh the waste produced year by year, we eliminate plastic at the bar and at the refreshment points.

Drink well!
Bring the water bottle with you and fill it at the fountain you find at Tones Teatro Natura: we made it on purpose.
You won’t find disposable materials at the bar: all containers are compostable.

Do not waste
Do not waste food, water, energy during the event and in the facilities that host you. If you can, take shorter showers and turn off the water when you soap yourself. We are designing an energy self-production plant, we use only certified sustainable energy and we carefully monitor consumption.

Buy at zero km
Eat, drink and buy local products. We do this too: for example, for Campo Base Festival we have a menu prepared by the students of a local school together with 8 producers at km 0. Find them here .

Relax, enjoy the environment and leave it as you found it, discover our beautiful area. On the occasion of the Nextones and Campo Base festivals, you can also sleep in our campsites or take part in the nature experiences we organize.

Do not print!
Do not print tickets for our events or this handbook.
Find all the updated info on our website www.tonesteatronatura.com and on our social networks